Reframing the state of crypto.

October 2022

Here's what you missed in case you couldn't be there. This summarises our thoughts on DAO struggles
The flaws of DAOs; on chain social operating systems; badges; reputation; pseudonymous and private identities; Otterspace investment.
Civilisation and energy usage; Bitcoin's electricity consumption and carbon footprint; Bitcoin as demand response tech; Fiat money and excessive growth…

September 2022

A list of resources for tracking Ethereum data dashboards and tools for monitoring. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of the data published. Be…

August 2022

Metaverse workers and internet native organisations will programmatically coordinate resources - professional credentials are the foundation.

June 2022

Custody providers require you to be rich and trust big companies - that's silly. Here is how we can change it.

May 2022

To the Inflection community.
2,300 signatures - political dialogue started.

April 2022

A piece of EU regulation is threatening civil liberties, human rights and the web3 movement. Let's organize and help our political leaders to maneuver…

January 2022

Exploring new frontiers where the collective benefits from open access to markets, data and knowledge while the sovereign individual is empowered…

October 2021

Building non custodial access points to onboard mainstream users to the open economy.