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Thank you for this wonderful insight. Technology often produces surprises that no one predicts. Modern technology is not changing us. It's changing society. I'm thinking more and more about the Metaverse here and what changes it will bring. In the Metaverse, everyone will create virtual worlds/comments/pictures/games/experiences via icon/asset-based tools/engines/NFT's. If we think about the Metaverse, it will be a living experience that exists consistently for everyone and in real-time. We need to think about a new economic model. Individuals and companies will be able to create, own, invest, sell, and be rewarded for an incredibly wide range of "work" that produces "value" that is recognized by others. Content and meta-things will be created and operated by an incredibly wide range of contributors. In a new (metaverse) economy, we need new models and ways to store and use the value we create in different decentralized places.

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