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People who consistently work in the fields of innovation will ultimately stumble across the need to add diversity to their tool kit. I have often wondered if it was wrong to selfishly want more diversity as a checklist item for the purposes of personal success (in various ventures) OR if that selfishness could actually be a gateway to systemic change.


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Great Readings on Diversity.

Our World is a Mess. That is something we can both agree on. Another thing we can both agree on, its our fault and only we can change the current System. This will be a short reminder where we are.

What’s the problem?

Things are not working well.

They never have.

Furthermore, they are getting worse.

Our world is in turmoil. It is in a mess. I think most of us would agree.

I am in a bunch of networks around the world who wants to address that. For Example in berlin are a few groups:



and a few small meetups

There are other great movements around the world who are adressing different problems and trying to find solutions.

I am also happy to talk or you might be interesting in my writings.

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