Thanks Jeff - I couldn’t agree more. It almost feels as if the world is holding a mirror in front of us. We need to decide if we (1) freeze, turn away from others, only care for ourselves or (2) open up, support and comfort others. Same on nation state level - stealing masks from other countries, blaming them for the outbreak or taking responsibility for others and show solidarity.

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Hey Alex, that's great work. I think the only thing we are missing here is long term shift in real estate preferences. So many couples working from home are stuck in one-bedrooms and studios fighting for space for work and calls, not to mention the urban families trapped in flats that didn't flee to a more open space with a garden, or near a creek, a beach or a hiking spot. I'd expect the premium on extra garden, footage, extra room to go even higher. Until now the RE market all about location, but with more permanent shift even in 5% or 10% of the workforce, people will be looking for better use of their $.

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Apr 17, 2020Liked by Alexander Lange

Great C19 digest and outlook that sits on the face of damn important choices that we’ll make over the next few years. We extend vulnerability in times of crisis to both our neighbors and our governments - that trust and openness should persist thereafter with our neighbors and communities, especially with a localizing supply chain. If governments do not have a plan to recoil their fiat/debt control and surveillances in the outset of this *initial* pandemic state, we could be in a dilly of a pickle. I am optimistic and have never been more excited for the opportunity to see large scale change!

Great piece, Alex!

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